Join The Franchise From Just £1995!

Thompson Pro Cleaning window cleaning franchise business opportunity

Would you like to start your own business but don`t know how? Are you sick of the 9-5 grind that most of society follows, working set hours in a thankless job for a set amount of pay? A set wage that never has any chance of increasing, where your extra effort is not rewarded with extra money.

This is how i felt when i started Thompson Pro Cleaning many years ago and i can tell you its the best thing i have ever done! to be your own boss, getting paid on a scale that has a direct correlation to how hard you work, to work the hours you decide and a massive sense of achievement.

So whats the catch? well there isn`t one! not for a prospective franchisee at least.

You see when i started out i had no customers, no equipment, no knowledge of how to market a business and no idea how to clean a window. It was hard, the first two years i didnt get very far at all, i struggled. But eventually you learn what works and and what doesnt and you figure it out…..

So whats the benefit of all that to you ?

Well that`s simple, over the years i have developed a system of how to run a profitable window cleaning business and i can pass all that knowledge onto you, the franchisee. This means cutting out all the learning curve, all the mistakes and hand you on a plate the blueprint for a very successful business right from the off.

Want to run your own window cleaning franchise business?

Lets get down to it, what can you earn ? A typical window cleaner working hard for a 6 hour day 9-3 could expect to turnover in the region of £200-£250 a day. Want to work a bit longer and do an 8 hour day then £300+ is achievable. some where in the region of £30 – £50 per hour is realsitic. Exactly what you earn depends on you, how fast you work and how fast you pick up the art of cleaning windows.

But don`t take my word for it, we can prove exactly what is possible to earn by not only showing you on paper but also in action itself on our training days which you will undertake when we take you on. Yes, thats right we train you extensively.

You never need to find a customer yourself, we take care of your marketing

The hardest part of any business is finding customers, cleaning windows is the easy part…. it takes a while to get fast but we can teach you the skill in a few days. We already have a proven marketing system, websites, social media presence, word of mouth recommendations and in short a huge head start on what you would have as someone staring out alone.

So what exactly do you get when becoming a Thompson Pro Cleaning window cleaning franchise?

  • Your first £1000 per month worth of customers
  • A full weeks training out in the field cleaning windows
  • Set of uniform, business cards, vehicle signage and leaflets
  • Dedicated web site and social media presence in the area you cover
  • one to one training on all the admin side of things, from book keeping to managing your round and servicing and maintaining equipment
  • 24 hour support on ANY aspect of the, we are only a phone call away at any time you need us
  • A Manual that covers step by step how to perform all aspects of the day to day running of your business

What will you need to provide?

The difference with out franchise model is we try and remove barriers to entry, so if you dont have any of the below we can rent you a vehicel and equipment to get started

You will need a van in good clean condition. The vehicle need not be new but must be tidy, presentable and mechanically sound, we would suggest as new a van as possible because the last thing you need is to breakdown. A vehicle is the single most important aspect of your business.

You will also need to provide your window cleaning equipment, we can help you source this

You will need a water supply and a place to store purified water, as long as you have an area 6ft x 6ft free you will be fine.

Other than that, you just need a great attitude and a will to succeed.

If you dont have a van or ability to purchase equipment fear not! we can rent you our van and equipment to get you started.

So how much will this cost you?

The initial fee payable to us is from just £1995

This covers…

  • Your first £1000 per month of customers
  • Your franchise licence
  • Uniform, business cards and website setup
  • Full weeks training on all aspects of your business
  • Vehicle signwriting applied

Remember window cleaning rounds alone sell for 4-6 times there monthly value, the work alone we supply is worth in the region of £5000, we do not make any profit on the initial fee. This is simply the cost to get you started in business with us.

Monthly service fee

We charge 20% of your turnover per month (£395 per month minimum) to take care of you and supply you with as many customers as you need. This fee covers all ongoing support and marketing, taking away all the stress from you.

For further details or to discuss any aspect of our franchise package please give me a call on 07916 229 202 or email to