Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Wakefield/Leeds

Are you looking for a regular windows cleaner in the Wakefield or Leeds area? Look no further!

We specialise in Residential window cleaning and also offer commercial cleaning for businesses in the local area.

A Brief Overview of our Service

  • 4 or 8 weekly cleaning schedules
  • Windows, frames and sill cleaned on every visit
  • Online payments taken
  • Text messages the night before for access
  • We use the water fed pole method of cleaning
  • Quality guarantee - we guarantee our work with a free clean if not happy

How do we clean? The water fed pole

Purified water, that is water free of minerals, calcium and other treatments is the best way to clean your windows. Water in this state will always dry completely streak free and has natural dirt attracting qualities that literally draws dirt from your windows and frames.

It has the benefit for us of being able to clean your windows from the ground and without the need of ladders. This not only is safer for us but prevents possible ladder damage to your home and from a privacy point of view there is no need for anyone to be peering in through your windows.

Briefly, purified water in pumped from a tank in the van to your windows via an extendible pole with a brush attatched. This brush and water combination allows us to thoroughly clean your windows, frames, sills and doors to a much higher standard than traditional methods.

Window cleaning Wakefield – How We Operate

First Cleans/One off cleans

First cleans tend to take us a bit longer than regular cleans as usually there is extra dirt for us to shift form your windows and frames, due to this fact if you require a one time clean only we do charge extra than a normal service, if however you intend to become a regular customer we will charge no extra fee.


After the first clean you will then be put onto out books as either a 4 weekly or 8 weekly clean whichever is preffered by yourself. most of our customers choose the 4 weekly clean as this keeps your windows in optimum condition all year round. Our 8 weekly clean has the advantage of working our cheaper for you over the year as although we charge more than 4 weekly due to the extra dirt that requires cleaning off the cost is still more economical over  a longer period.

Carrying out the work and payments

We take mobile contact numbers from our customers where possible and text you the day before a clean is due, this is so we can make arrangements if there are access issues or any other problems, we will then come around as planned and clean your windows the next day. If you are in we can take payment by cash or cheque, if you are not in we prefer our customers to pay online via Paypal or Bank Transfer. We only try to re-collect in person as a last resort.

For all your window cleaning Leeds or window cleaning Wakefield please do hesitate to give us a call.