How to pay for your window cleaning

We do not collect

Like a lot of other window cleaning companys these days we are moving way from cash collection and onto online payments. This doesnt mean you cannot pay via cash or cheque, it simply means we do not call back after we have cleaned on an evening to collect the money. This has benefits for both ourselves and the customer, firstly for us the added expense of fuel and time essentially adds a lot to the job which would have to be reflected in our prices. With no collecting we can aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible. For the customer theres no surprise knock at the door from a window cleaner to disturb you, also in this day lots of people dont have cash on them.

So how do can you pay for your window cleaning?

Here at thompson window cleaning we simply turn up and do the clean. If you are in we can take cash or cheque, if you are not in we post a note. On this note will be all the details of how to pay online, currently we offer bank transfer, standing order, go cardless and paypal. you can also post us a cheque or if you prefer you can leave the money out for us to pick up when we clean, we will simply text you the night before to remind you if you wish to use this method.

  • Cash at the time of the clean
  • Leave cash out for us on the day of the clean
  • Send us a cheque in the post
  • Bank transfer
  • Standing order
  • Go cardless
  • Paypal

Payments are kindly requested within 3 days of the clean, thankyou

Payment Information

You can find the information to make your payments below, to pay via go cardless or paypal simply click the appropriate links and hit submit, for bank transfer please ask us for our details, the details will also be on your payment slip we have left you.

To pay via Go cardless click below

To pay via paypal click below

Buy now with PayPal

To send a cheque, Payable To Adam Thompson and send to 24 Carlton Lane, Rothwell, Leeds, LS26 0DJ

The easiest and best way to pay online - Go Cardless

Our preffered method of payment is cash at the time or to use the Go Cardless online payment system. Go Cardless is very similar to paying a direct debit with your bank. The difference is that we will not take any money until we have actually cleaned your house. Basically follow the link above to a sign up page, you enter your bank details and thats it! you never need to worry about doing anything else with regards payments again. What happens is after we clean you home we request money through our go cardless account, this then sends you an automated email telling you money has been requested and will be debited from your account in 7 days.You can cancel it at anytime and is completely hassle free. Its a great method for both ourselves and the customers as we will never need to chase you for payment and you will never have to remember or find the time to pay again making your window cleaning service as smooth and as unintrusive as possible.

Any problems at all with how to pay please contact me on 07463413751 asap thanks Adam