Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Leeds, Gutter Cleaning Wakefield & Surrounding areas.

What can we clean?

Here at Thompson Cleaning we can clean your gutter, UPVC, fascias soffits and bargeboards. We specialize in restoring these back to an as new condition removing algae, dirt and debris. We can clean your downpipes, fitting and any external plastics or wood that is required.

How do we clean?

We utilize mainly the water fed pole method to clean your house exterior safely and effectively from the ground. On occasion where required we may use ladders to get access to difficult to reach areas or to get up close and personally with the offending dirt to remove it by hand.

What we wont do is use a pressure washer... Presure washers can easily damage your exterior UPVC and even worse can drive water into your building and brickwork.

How much do we charge? 

For a rough estimate please use the table below. However its best to contact us for an exact quote as prices vary due to house size and your location.

Fascia & Soffit Cleaning (per side of house) £12.50 per side
Barge Board Cleaning (per gable end) £5.00 
Gutters & Downpipes (per side) £7.50 per side